Denica Gordon-Mandel, M.A., MSW


Denica Gordon-Mandel received her Masters in Psychology from Pepperdine University, and has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California. With more than 15 years of work experience in marketing communications, Ms. Gordon-Mandel has worked in both public and private sectors specializing in organization positioning, issues management, internal and external communications, as well as crisis communications. This professional background combined with her knowledge in psychology positions Ms. Gordon-Mandel as a human behavior specialist providing clients solution-focused interventions to increase overall well-being and effectiveness. She has received training in assessment and  evidenced-based treatments including Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Integrative Couples Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing (MI).

Ms. Gordon-Mandel's area of specialty are in the transitional periods of women’s lives such as pregnancy, care-giving issues, menopause, and interpersonal trauma. She also treats adolescents and adults in the areas of anxiety, depression, stress management, panic attacks and various phobias. She joined CBA as a Psychological Assistant (#PSB-37897) and is an Associate Clinical Social Worker (#ASW-68602) accumulating hours towards licensure.

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Our clinician Denica Gordon-Mandel MA, MSW introduces herself.