Since the inception of our new, exciting program “Going Well,” numerous individuals have benefited from the application of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) techniques to the treatment of IBS. Within 10-16 weekly sessions, clients typically notice they are less focused on their gut sensations (e.g., abdominal pain, urgency, fullness, bloating, etc.) and that variations in bowel movement form or habits are not necessarily a cause for alarm.

Eventually, our clients have been able to consume previously “forbidden” foods (e.g., spicy, hot, greasy foods, or items containing dairy or caffeine), travel distances far from “safe” bathrooms, confront destinations that are “unpredictable,” and engage in
activities once feared to exacerbate IBS symptoms (e.g., exercise, physical intimacy). All of these clinical observations and outcomes support the on-going research that Cognitive Behavior Therapy can help patients with IBS. We are pleased to offer this mind-body treatment for IBS and look forward to continuing to provide our patients with cutting-edge interventions that are supported by scientific evidence.

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