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Panic No More

Our “Panic No More” treatment program is the clear choice for those who wish to rid themselves of panic disorder once and for all. CBT has shown to be the most effective type of therapy for panic, worry and phobic fear. Recent studies have shown that about 80-100% of patients report being panic free at the end of CBT treatment (Craske &
Barlow, 2006. Oxford University Press). It was also found that over 80% of patients remained panic-free after 2 years of having completed a cognitive-behavioral treatment program for anxiety. (Craske, et al., 1991. Behavior Therapy).

“Panic No More” is a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy program (CBT) designed specifically for patients with panic disorder. In 10 weekly sessions, clients will learn about their disorder, how to recognize signs of an attack, as well as how to control themselves in a panic situation. Repeated exposure to the client’s feared activities works to reduce the client’s fear of these activities and works to reduce or eliminate attacks all together.

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