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Women's Wellness

Gender differences between men and women have long been ignored when addressing physical and mental health concerns. It is important to recognize that women today take on multiple roles (e.g., motherhood, career, spouse, caretaker, business owner), while they must also attend to specific natural psychological and physiological changes that occur with age. Within their lifetime, women have a higher prevalence of sleep-related issues, depression, anxiety, and co-occurring illnesses. Integrating mental health into a woman’s overall health and awareness builds resilience for all of life’s challenges. Studies have shown that therapeutic techniques based on Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) — such as cognitive restructuring, mindfulness, and problem solving — significantly reduce levels of depression and anxiety, improve coping skills, and increase overall quality of life.

All new patients begin with a two-hour evaluation. After assessment, therapists collaboratively work with clients to develop treatment plans built around skills and behaviors that help manage life stressors and challenges. Cognitive Behavior Associates (CBA) serves as a client resource by supporting self acceptance, living within values, creating healthy boundaries, integration of work and life roles, and present-moment living as essential elements to personal wellness. Along with individual therapy, CBA provides couples and family counseling, as well as other support services for families in crisis. When necessary, CBA will coordinate with others involved in a client’s care.

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