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Soundly Sleeping

Insomnia affects 20-40% of all adults. Present findings indicate that Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT), alone or in combination with pharmacotherapy, is more effective than pharmacotherapy alone or a placebo for the treatment of insomnia. In fact, CBT resulted in the greatest number of patients who no longer met the criteria for insomnia (Archives of Internal Medicine, Sept. 2004). Medications are not an effective treatment for chronic insomnia. Programs based on CBT have demonstrated that 100% of insomnia patients reported improved sleep, and 75% became normal sleepers. CBT is so effective that people increased their sleep duration to almost 7 hours per night. Also, 91% reduced their use of sleeping pills and 40% were able to discontinue sleeping medication entirely.

All new patients begin with a two-hour evaluation of their specific sleep problem and other related psychological disorders (except those previously screened by another mental health professional). Treatment usually lasts from six to eight sessions. Patients should expect to do
task assignments between sessions. These tasks involve:

  • reading
  • sleep monitoring
  • cognitive restructuring
  • making behavioral changes

Patients are re-assessed throughout treatment to focus on those elements of Soundly Sleeping that will contribute to their success.

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