Cognitive Behavior Associates (CBA) is a group practice founded by Joel L. Becker, Ph.D. and his associates in 2005 and is one of the largest cognitive-behavior therapy practices in Southern California.  We provide evaluation and treatment for the full range of psychological disorders with empirically supported techniques from a Cognitive Behavioral perspective.



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What skills should your therapist have?

Many times a Ph.D. is not enough; a good therapist must have certain skills beyond a degree to provide proper and effective therapy. Use this booklet released by the British Department of Health to better choose an adequately trained cognitive-behavior therapist.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Institute


The Cognitive Behavior Therapy Institute offers specialized training in CBT to post-graduate mental health professionals in the Los Angeles area. We strive to remain on the forefront of new researched developments by providing high-level courses on a broad range of CBT topics and developments by maintaining a close relationship with local institutions of higher learning. 

All of our coursework qualifies for Continuing Education Units as we are accredited by the American Psychological Association.                    
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 Dr. Joel Becker's Teleseminar Bipolar: What CBT has to Offer  is now available for purchase on audio CD for 1.5 Continuing Education

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 Dr. Jayson L. Mystkowski's Teleseminar CBT for the Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome is now available for purchase on audio CD for 1.5 Continuing Education credits.

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Women's Wellness

Gender differences between men and women have long been ignored when addressing physical and mental health concerns.  It is important to recognize that women today take on multiple roles (e.g., motherhood, career, spouse, caretaker, business owner), while they must also attend to specific natural psychological and physiological changes that occur with age.

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For recent updates, upcoming events and more, follow us on Facebook!


For recent updates, upcoming events and more, follow us on Facebook!

Insurances and Fees


Two copies of the Superbill are provided to the client: one for you, and one to submit to your insurance.


Frequently Asked Questions


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