Does TikTok Cause Body Dysmorphia?

TikTok took over social media a few years back and has become a common part of so many people’s daily life. While many who don’t use the social media app think it’s a silly dancing platform for teens, it actually encompasses so much more. From videos that teach you how to garden or motivate you […]     Read More >>

Adult ADHD Statistics and Facts

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, commonly referred to as “ADHD,” is one of the most common mental health disorders among children and teenagers. However, millions of adults are also impacted by the condition. Roughly 8 million adults have ADHD, but research has shown only 20% of adults are aware they have the condition. OF those who […]     Read More >>

Factors that Increase Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a common mental health condition. In fact, more than 12% of Americans will experience social anxiety at some point in their life. The mental health condition is characterized by excessive fear or anxiety in social citations. Those with social anxiety can often feel insecure, embarrassed, or nervous when they have to be […]     Read More >>

Common Causes of Psychosis

Psychosis occurs when you interpret reality in a much different way from those around you. Common types of psychosis include hallucinations, delusions, and disorganized thinking and speech. The condition can be a one-time experience or occur regularly throughout your lifetime. Below are some of the common causes of psychosis. Common Causes of Psychosis Psychosis can […]     Read More >>

Common Signs of Hidden Trauma

Caring for your mental health is important for your overall well-being. This is especially true if you have experienced trauma at any point throughout your lifetime. In fact, it is never too late to seek support for prior trauma. Below are some of the common signs of hidden trauma. Common Signs of Hidden Trauma Trauma […]     Read More >>

Tips for Living with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a long-term condition that can be difficult to manage. Many people with chronic pain find that consistent pain is both mentally and physically taxing. Fortunately, through a combination of carefully managed medication and coping techniques, it is possible to maintain some of your quality of life. Here we have some tips for […]     Read More >>

Introversion Versus Social Anxiety: What’s the Difference?

Many people self-identify as introverts. While the exact definition of what introversion is can vary on a case-by-case basis, it is always a reflection of personal preference. By contrast, social anxiety is a mental health disorder that causes you to actually fear social situations. For someone with social anxiety, the symptoms they experience during social […]     Read More >>

Benefits and Risks of Coming Out

Choosing to come out to family and friends can be a difficult decision at any age. You may find yourself wondering what you have to gain from telling those closest to you that you don’t identify as cis or heterosexual. Let’s look at the benefits and risks of coming out and how to adapt with […]     Read More >>

Explaining CBT to Your Child

The use of pediatric cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is increasingly common as peer-reviewed research continues to demonstrate the efficacy of CBT for children. Therefore, if your therapist or pediatrician suggests trying cognitive behavioral therapy with your child, it isn’t out of the ordinary. Let’s look at explaining CBT to your child. Explaining CBT to Your […]     Read More >>

What Contributes to Negative Body Image?

Your body image has nothing to do with your physical form. It is entirely dependent on your own perception. Essentially, body image is defined by the ways you think and feel about your physical form. Let’s look at what contributes to negative body image. What Contributes to Negative Body Image? In some cases, a negative […]     Read More >>