Self care during quarantine is vital to mental health.

Self-Care and Quarantine During COVID-19

Long before the pandemic, medical professionals had already realized a disturbing trend in mental health cases. In many communities across this nation, Americans are working longer hours. And increasing wages are failing to keep up with more rapidly increasing inflation. The internet allows us to build global communities, but many are still alone when they go to sleep at night. Self-care during quarantine is about more than reacting to COVID-19, it is about learning healthy practices.

These are just a few factors that scientists believe may be correlated to perceived increases in cases of depression, anxiety, and other environmentally-driven mental health disorders. A lot of research still needs to be done. Still, there is a general consensus that the isolation of the pandemic will aggravate existing mental health disorders and increase cases across the country. As a result, even if you are not already struggling with your mental health, it is absolutely imperative that you take the appropriate steps to protect it.

According to the experts at the Center for Disease Control, self-care can be as simple as taking care of your physical needs and maintaining the emotional connections that help you thrive. By setting aside time to get outside or talk to your best friend over the phone, you can do a lot to maintain a sense of comfort and normalcy despite the current situation. Here are just a few ways you can escape from the stress of the pandemic and take care of your mental health.

Try Cooking Something New

Giving your body the nutrients it needs is vital to keeping yourself feeling good. Unfortunately, cooking the same old meals over and over again takes the fun out of it. To mix things up, take an hour of your time to explore popular food blogs and print out the recipes that sound the most delicious and contain plenty of vegetables. You can do this with dessert too, if you prefer baking. A great fruit tart, beautiful carrot cake, or even chocolate zucchini bread will satiate your sweet tooth and creativity while delivering much-needed nutrients.

Find a Local Trail

Our parks, beaches, and normal outdoor hangouts are a little too populated for anyone concerned about COVID. To get yourself out and about, you’ll need to strap on some good shoes and find a local trail. You will definitely see people, but the density is noticeably less, allowing you to keep your distance and your mask while enjoying the great outdoors.

Schedule Calls with Family and Friends

It’s natural to want to withdraw a little when you are feeling anxious, but you will need as much support as you can get to make it through quarantine. Set a time once a week or so to check in with family and friends. It’s good for your mental health, and it will allow you to reach the people who may be having an even harder time dealing with the pandemic.

Do Some Indoor Exercise

When your gym is closed and the sidewalks are too crowded, it can be difficult to stay fit, but maintaining a healthy BMI is good for your overall health, not just your vanity. To stay active, try following along with a yoga video or game. You can also do bodyweight exercises, such as squats, push-ups, and planks for a little extra burn.

Ask for Help When You Need It

Don’t wait for a crisis. If you feel that you are struggling with your mental health, you need to talk to an expert. Cognitive Behavior Associates offers telepsychotherapy, which means you can speak with an expert from the comfort of your own home and start the journey towards better mental health. For caring, quality cognitive behavioral therapy in Los Angeles, call CBA today.

Please note that all of these suggestions are preventative. If you are in crisis or considering hurting yourself, call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). The operator will be able to connect you with the resources you need to feel like yourself again. Self-care during quarantine is vital. Don’t neglect your own well-being!