Partnering with Cognitive Behavior Therapy Institute, Tri-City Mental Health Center will Offer Patients Cognitive Behavior Treatment for Psychosis

CBTI, Tri-City Mental Health Center Partnership

(Beverly Hills, CA) September 20, 2016 – Mental illness often leaves families in crowded emergency rooms or in psychiatric hospitals, leading to higher costs and poorer outcomes. In order to offer the best in patient care Tri-City Mental Health Center (TCMHC), a Joint Powers Authority, that serves the Cities of Pomona, Claremont and La Verne for low-income families, has partnered with Cognitive Behavior Therapy Institute (CBTI) one of the largest cognitive behavior therapy training institutes in Southern California to train its clinicians in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (CBTp).

CBTp addresses chronic and often debilitating psychotic spectrum illnesses characterized by hallucinations, delusional thinking, paranoia, reduced social interaction, emotional expression and motivation. While antipsychotic medications are effective in managing many of the symptoms of the illness, between 30%-40% of those taking therapeutic doses of medications will continue to experience hallucinations, delusions and be impaired by negative symptoms of the illness.

“CBTp is an empirically supported mental health intervention, said Antonette Navarro, Executive Director of Tri-City Mental Health Center. “The ongoing training of TCMHC staff allows us to provide patients the very best in care which is essential to TCMHC’s mission to be both a place of healing, and resource within the community.”

“It’s exciting to see mental health agencies investing in training clinicians in cutting edge evidence based treatments,” said Dr. Melissa Magaro trainer and psychologist at Cognitive Behavior Associates (CBA). “TCMHC also offers the ongoing support needed when implementing new approaches.”

The lifetime prevalence of schizophrenia is estimated to be between .3% and .7% and those are affected suffer significant social and occupational limitations. CBTp is a talk therapy that aims to reduce distress and impairment by teaching ways to challenging dysfunctional ways of thinking, developing more effective behavioral ways of coping and empowering clients to move forward in their recovery. The CBTp Clinician Training Program provided by Dr. Magaro includes full day trainings and case consultation.


Tri-City Mental Health Center provides a diverse spectrum of mental health services and education.  With a commitment to serve in a caring, nurturing atmosphere, they strive to promote optimal health and improve the quality of life for every individual and family living in their three cities community.  Learn more at:


Cognitive Behavior Associates (CBA), founded and directed by Joel L. Becker, Ph.D., is one of the largest cognitive behavior therapy practices in Southern California. Clinicians practice the most current treatments supported by empirical research. CBA specializes in short-term, problem-focused therapy for a full range of psychological disorders. The Institute provides CE education opportunities for clinicians.

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